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Why Choose Our Stairlifts?

Being such a well known provider of stairlifts and mobility aids in Stroud, Pearce Brothers are the natural choice when you need a stairlift fitting in your home. We have been providing mobility and stairlift services to Stroud residents and businesses for over 25 years and continue to be leaders in what we do. Offering quality stairlifts from reputable manufacturers you can trust, you are sure to get the best from Pearce Brothers in Stroud.

Before having a stairlift or mobility aid fitted in your Stroud home, you will have to have assessments done to check your home is suitable and that we have products in our range that will suit your needs. It is highly unlikely that we won’t have something for your needs, as the range of stairlifts and mobility aids available to our Stroud customers is vast. With our service being all about the customer, you are always at the forefront, and we always make sure you are happy with all suggestions and plans before we proceed, giving you long term access to your home.

We are a family business, with over 80 year’s experience across the family in helping people in Stroud in all manner of circumstances keep their homes easily accessible. Whether this be due to age or life limiting conditions, we are here to meet your mobility and stairlift needs. Installing stairlifts and mobility aids can be emotionally provocative for some people, so, we try to be mindful of this with all of our customers that we talk to in Stroud and beyond.

Stairlift and Mobility Aftercare

With stairlift installation comes servicing and aftercare. We offer aftercare services to our customers in Stroud which has a fantastic reputation and competitive prices. Regular maintenance of your stairlift and good care of your mobility aids helps them last longer and work better for you. If you didn’t purchase your stairlift or mobility aid from us, or you do not have a hire agreement with us, don’t worry. We will still come to your home in Stroud and take more than adequate care of your stairlift or mobility aid at equally competitive prices with the same stand out service that Pearce Brothers are so well renowned for.

Offering Both Straight and Curved Stairlifts 

Straight stairlifts are best suited to staircases with no obstructions and curved stairlifts are best for those that are shaped, winding or spiral. These are both easy to fit with some simple household amendments, subject to assessment. Our expert engineers will always undertake a thorough assessment to see if any simple household adjustments may be needed for either straight or curved stairlifts in your Stroud home to achieve the perfect fitting stairlift. Plug sockets and windowsills are among the most common adjustments we make to our Stroud customers’ homes before stairlifts are fitted, whether that be straight or curved. Once your home assessment is complete and adjustments are made, your stairlift is ready to be fitted into your Stroud home. We will come to you in Stroud at a time to suit you and get everything fitted so you can use your stairlift straight away. With the latest mobility innovations at fair prices, you’re sure to get the best suited mobility aids and stairlifts for your Stroud home. All of our stairlifts come with a two year warranty, giving our Stroud customers peace of mind that our stairlifts are built to last.

Here For You

With varying ways of bringing a stairlift or mobility aid into your Stroud home, through purchase or hire, it is far easier than you could have imagined to keep your home easily accessible. Give Pearce Brothers a call today for an assessment and we can give you perfect mobility aid or stairlift for your home.


If you require a new stairlift in Stroud and would like a free quotation then please call us on 0800 0833751.

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  • Soft start and stop system
  • Ultra smooth ride quality
  • Easy to use remote control system
  • Low voltage operation
  • On & Off key switch
  • 2 year warranty
  • New, reconditioned or rental
  • Free survey and quotation
  • Independent family run business
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