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Why Pearce Brothers Stairlifts in Swindon?

Pearce Brothers were established over 25 years ago with the aim of helping you reach your mobility goals with stairlifts and mobility aids in Swindon. We offer expert advice, stairlift fitting and mobility aid aftercare to our Swindon customers. So, you know you’ll always be in the safest of hands when it comes to your mobility and stairlift needs. We are here to help both commercial customers making improvements as well as domestic customers in need of stairlifts and mobility aids in Swindon, giving people their mobility back. We have the perfect stairlift and mobility solutions for anyone in need here at Pearce Brothers.

If you have decided that you or a family member are in need of a stairlift or mobility assistance in Swindon, then the first step would be to undergo an assessment of your mobility and stairlift needs. We can come to your Swindon home, talk through everything with you and make sure all of your questions are answered. This means you can make an educated decision as to what mobility aids or stairlifts are best for you in your Swindon home.

We are a family run company here at Pearce Stairlifts, with a huge range of stairlifts and mobility aids to suit all our Swindon customers’ budgets. With equipment from well known stairlift manufacturers, you’re sure to purchase from a name you can rely on. All of the stairlifts we sell adopt state of the art technology, have a sleek look and have to pass the most stringent of quality assurance checks before they make it into our showroom. So, our Swindon customers can rest easy knowing they are getting nothing short of the best. Our stairlifts are available to hire as well as purchase. So, you don’t necessarily have to worry about a stairlift being a permanent fixture in your Swindon home.

Stairlift and Mobility Aftercare

We offer the elite in stairlift and mobility services in Swindon. This is from first enquiry right through to fitting your stairlift. The one thing that many people forget about is aftercare. At Pearce Brothers, we offer the highest standard of stairlift and mobility aid aftercare to our Swindon customers. It doesn’t matter if you have a hire agreement with us, or if you purchased your stairlift and had it fitted with us. We’ll always be happy to come and take a look, service or repair your stairlift in Swindon. Our Swindon engineers will be able to do this with no fuss and get you moving again in no time. Our Swindon engineers offer the best in customer service – being respectful of your home and space at all times.

Straight and Curved Stairlifts

At Pearce Brothers, we offer both straight and curved stairlifts for our Swindon customers to choose from. Whilst they both serve slightly different purposes, they are both of equal benefit to those in need of stairlifts or mobility aids in Swindon.

Straight stairlifts are for staircases with no obstacles such as corners. Using one smooth motion, they get you up the stairs in your Swindon home with ease. With comfort measures such as padded seats and technological advances helping you get in and out of the seat of the stairlift without a struggle, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

Curved stairlifts are for staircases with bends or spirals. They offer the same benefit as straight staircases, however, they are made slightly differently for a smooth journey upstairs. With features such as a drop rail option available to save space, your stairlift doesn’t have to be all consuming on your staircase. We will complete home assessments to check for any necessary changes first such as plug sockets and windowsills, really allowing you to make to most of your space.

Here For You in Swindon

Here at Pearce Brothers, our ultimate goal is to get you mobile. We assess your needs fully before recommending a stairlift or mobility aid from our large range. We always make sure all of your questions are answered and you make an informed decision about what is a potentially emotional investment in your Swindon home.

We want you to have the sense of freedom in your Swindon home you have always had. We understand mobility loss can take this freedom away. With Pearce Brothers, we can help to stop that  from happening. We’re here to find the perfect stairlift or mobility aid for your Swindon home, suited to your budget and with your independence in mind. Call us today and we can look at your mobility and stairlift needs.

For more information about our professional stairlift installation service in Swindon please call us on 0800 0833751.

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  • Ultra smooth ride quality
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  • Low voltage operation
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  • 2 year warranty
  • New, reconditioned or rental
  • Free survey and quotation
  • Independent family run business
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