Why Choose Our Stairlifts?

Over the last 25 years, Pearce Brothers have helped people in their droves in Taunton regain both mobility and independence, providing the elite in mobility aids and stairlifts. During times of need and vulnerability, we are on hand to provide and install mobility aids and stairlifts in Taunton homes, taking our customers through every step of what can be an emotional process at their own pace. We have also helped business customers improve access for people less able and in need of access adjustments. All of this has made us market leaders in mobility and stairlift services in Taunton.

As we are a family run and independent business, it gives us more time to dedicate to our Taunton customers and their individual mobility aid and stairlift needs. With the financial commitment and changes that mobility aids and stairlifts entail, we understand that our Taunton customers need time to talk through everything, make sure they understand the process of having a stairlift or mobility aid fitted and having all their questions answered before proceeding with such a lifestyle change. That’s why we offer home visits to our Taunton customers. We can talk with you on a one to one basis, get to know you, establish your needs and make sure you get the stairlift or mobility aid that suits you, your home and your budget, all whilst giving you the latest technology such as stop start technology and space saving measures to keep not only you, but your family moving.

Stairlift and Mobility Aftercare

Maintenance and servicing are important after having stairlifts and mobility in your home. We offer a callout service whereby we come to you in Taunton to do any work on your stairlift or mobility aid that may be required. Even if you didn’t get your stairlift or mobility aid from us there is no need to worry. We will still come to you in Taunton and assess any work that may be required on your stairlift or mobility aid to keep you moving and maintain your independence. No matter where you got your mobility aid or stairlift from, we never compromise on service. Our Taunton customers only get the best from Pearce Brothers.

Elite Stairlifts in Taunton

We offer both straight and curved stairlifts at Pearce Brothers. So, no matter the shape of your staircase, we will find you the ideal stairlift for your Taunton home. Straight stairlifts are best for staircases with no obstructions, corners or bends. Small adjustments may need to be made. These include moving plug sockets or removing windowsills, if there are any obstructing what would be the path of the stairlift. However, our expert engineers would come to your Taunton home and do that for you as part of the fitting process. The same also applies for curved stairlifts. Our engineers are extremely experienced and highly talented at what they do, meaning your stairlift will be fitted into your Taunton home to absolute perfection.

Our stairlifts also offer cutting edge technology and comfort. With the advanced motor ride system, you have automated help getting both in and out of your stairlift, giving you even more independence and mobility in your Taunton home. With prices as competitive as ours and stairlifts available for both hire and purchase, Pearce Brothers is the natural choice for our Taunton customers.

Here To Help

Finding the right stairlift or mobility aid in Taunton is no mean feat. That’s why we are here to help you. With an extensive range of mobility aids and stairlifts for our Taunton customers to choose from, you’re sure to be happy with your choice as well as the service you receive along the way. We want to give you as much mobility and independence as possible to our Taunton customers. We are just a phone call away to do just that. Call us today and we can arrange to come to you in Taunton and take the first step to giving you the independence back you have always had.

For a free no obligation quotation please call us on 0800 0833751.

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  • Soft start and stop system
  • Ultra smooth ride quality
  • Easy to use remote control system
  • Low voltage operation
  • On & Off key switch
  • 2 year warranty
  • New, reconditioned or rental
  • Free survey and quotation
  • Independent family run business
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